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Enlightened Negotiation, the most valuable tool for your professional or personal life.  Seminars by Dr. Mehrad Nazari, founder of Enlightened Negotiation.
Enlightened Negotiation, a vital tool for success Your success in business or personal life depends on the nature of your negotiation style.

ENLIGHTENED NEGOTIATION offers the most efficient method of reaching agreement, and it is a vital tool for any healthy professional or personal relationships. In today's multicultural marketplace effective negotiation skills are a must for every business person. Your ability to utilize this proven method in conflict resolution and mediation will determine your success or failure in any negotiation

Award winning real estate negotiation expert Mehrad Nazari, Ph. D., CCIM, and founder of Enlightened Negotiation.I would like to personally invite you to a ENLIGHTENED NEGOTIATION seminar, a venue that will offer you a new vision and a fresh perspective of your relationships, personal or business! ENLIGHTENED NEGOTIATION offers you a new map for achieving the optimum potential in all your interactions.

Learn the Negotiation Techniques:
How to establish and achieve your goals in any negotiation
Discover your own power of achieving successful agreements
Master the process of closing the Deal
Know when to talk and when to walk
How to handle a salary adjustment request
Learn to handle pressure techniques and psychological ploys
How to deal with conflict at work
How to handle pressure techniques with the customers
Recognize the elements affecting negotiation
Improve skills necessary for an effective negotiation
Learn a systematic approach to negotiation
How to manage your interaction according to their merits
Understand behaviors and their origins
Learn the stages of building a relationship
Bridge the cultural gap in business transactions

How you negotiate determines your success.

ENLIGHTENED NEGOTIATION seminars are an opportunity for you to sharpen your skills and give yourself the competitive edge.

You will learn how to apply and utilize the ENLIGHTENED NEGOTIATION approach to all your daily negotiations.

Sub-Optimal results, stalemates, and litigations are all costly. They are pitfalls that are financially and emotionally draining.

In today's multicultural marketplace effective negotiation skills are a must for every business person. Your ability to utilize the proven method in conflict resolution and mediation will determine your success or failure in any negotiation.

Dr. Mehrad Nazari, the founder of ENLIGHTENED NEGOTIATION, is a pioneer in promoting integrative negotiation. He is an adjunct professor of International Business Negotiation at United States International University in San Diego. Since 1994, he has been teaching graduate and doctoral candidates from more than 40 countries around the world. He has completed a three-year research study on real estate negotiation as well as the Harvard Negotiation Project for Senior Executives. Thousands of people including some of the top executives and government officials from more than 40 countries have benefited from his seminars.

Enlightened Negotiation Seminars

Who Should Attend?
Real estate and mortgage professionals, executives, managers, business consultants, mediators, attorneys and anyone who desires to improve their ability to negotiate more effectively with clients, vendors, parents, family and friends,

Choose The Seminar Best For You

One-Day Seminar
This six-hour interactive workshop will give you a systematic approach to becoming an effective negotiator. You will learn the stages of building a successful relationship, understand interactions, behavior and their origins, how to develop positive solutions for any situation and much more in this content rich seminar. It’s filled with practical tips and techniques you can begin using immediately.

Two-Day Seminar
This 12-hour intensive workshop provides the same tools and skills of the one-day workshop along with a more in-depth coverage of techniques and skill-building exercises. This seminar is designed for people who spend a lot of time negotiating as part of their profession, It provides extra application and discussion to reinforce the principles method of negotiation.

Six-Hour Consumer Protection Continuing Education Credit Course
This seminar is a must for both the beginner and seasoned real estate professional; It covers the same important information contained in the one-day Enlightened Negotiation seminar along with real-life examples from a long successful real estate career specifically relevant to this course.

Integrative Negotiation for Real Estate Professionals

Dr. Nazari founded California Real Estate Services in1981 in La Jolla California. In 1982 he was recognized for the largest transaction of La Jolla Real Estate History and in 1988 as a real estate developer he received the Award of Honor from the American Institute of Architecture for Outstanding Contribution to Design. Mehrad received the Transaction of the Year Award from Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) in1993 and named the Designee of the year in 2000.